ACCIONA Construction lights up Molina de Segura in Murcia with photovoltaic streetlights

These photovoltaic streetlights use solar radiation captured during the day to power their electricity consumption at night.

In November 2018, ACCIONA Construction installed a system of four streetlights powered by photovoltaic solar energy in the area around the Molina de Segura municipal library (Murcia), as part of the 737884-STILORMADE project.

Installation of these photovoltaic streetlights, which use the solar radiation captured during the day to power their electricity consumption at night, is one of the demonstration activities of the 737884-STILORMADE project that ACCIONA Construction is participating in, financed by the European Union through the HORIZON 2020 framework programme.

The 737884-STILORMADE project, which has a budget of more than €3.8 million and involves various companies and organisations from several countries, aims to develop new design and manufacturing technologies for photovoltaic modules to help bring down their associated production costs. The main applications of these modules are in buildings, lighting and street furniture.

In the case of street lighting, the achievements of the 737884-STILORMADE project are being demonstrated by the installation of two advanced solar streetlight models, with circular photovoltaic modules, at different locations in Spain, Austria and Israel. In Spain, ACCIONA Construction has selected the TULIPÁN model as an example, designed by the manufacturer SIARQ.

ACCIONA Construction has also chosen other locations to demonstrate these lights, in addition to Molina Segura, including the Hotel Calvia Beach The Plaza in Mallorca; the Renault production plant in Valladolid, and other sites in Almería and Tudela del Duero (Valladolid), totalling 18 streetlights installed across the country.

The hybrid features of the TULIPÁN solar streetlight allow it to operate in two modes – using the solar energy generated by the module that is subsequently stored in its batteries, or via its connection to the mains electricity network when solar production is limited. The size of its components means that it can operate independently all night, powered solely by the solar energy captured during the day. Furthermore, these streetlights use LED technology and offer optimum lighting performance with minimum energy consumption.

In the field of building construction, ACCIONA Construction has demonstrated the technology by integrating a photovoltaic system into the ACCIONA Service building in Barcelona, which reduces the building’s energy bill while also improving internal temperature and lighting conditions.

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