World Hydrogen Congress

World Hydrogen Congress

Date(s) - 04/10/2021 - 06/10/2021
All Day

PTA Congress Centre, Amsterdam

Tap into high quality, expertly curated content from hydrogen thought leaders across the globe at the World Hydrogen Congress in Amsterdam, 04 – 06 October 2021.

We are very pleased to be able to present this rich, diverse programme of true hydrogen thought leaders for you to listen, question and meet. The new programme comes at a critical time for the fast growing clean hydrogen industry, and we believe that there remains tough challenges for the commercialisation of clean hydrogen as a key energy vector in the decarbonised energy system.

During the last 12 months hydrogen has risked becoming hype and now is the time to demonstrate that hope in the smallest molecule is not misplaced. We at World Hydrogen Leaders obviously  believe that hydrogen will play a role in the fully decarbonised energy system. However, big questions remain as to the exact extent of that role in the clean energy system.

Questions that will only be answered over time and through deployment-led innovation. How will the efficiencies and costs of hydrogen production and distribution develop? How will hydrogen scale? What specific targeted policy measures are required?

6 expert-led masterclasses have been added to the agenda of the World  Hydrogen Congress, to enable all attendees to come up to speed with the latest thinking and analysis of how markets can develop, the potential impact of  Technology, business models and how to develop demand. These masterclasses are 2 hour condensed versions of the full 9 hour training courses available Live or OnDemand on World Hydrogen Leaders and as such, are limited by the time.

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