Taking care of water, to take care of the Earth

Caring of water, to take care of the Earth

The Earth is home to 7,700 million people. A unique space for life, but one that is facing major challenges arising from climate change and demographic growth. Bearing in mind that 71% of the Earth’s surface is water, caring for this basic resource has become more necessary than ever. That is why, coinciding with Earth Day, ACCIONA joins the challenge to foster a change towards a more sustainable economy.

Climate change, population growth and man-made activities such as deforestation, intensive agriculture and stockbreeding and industrial activity are putting our ecosystems -the basis for life on Earth- at risk. The health of the planet and the people living on it depend on these ecosystems.

Ensuring their conservation is part of the challenge that ACCIONA is working on through its Water Division, caring for this essential resource for 7,700 million people living on the planet.

Water is life, health, it is both present and future. ACCIONA works to ensure the sustainable management of water and universal access to this resource of incalculable value.

Discover how caring of water helps to take care of the earth in the following infographs:

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