Five Liebherr HS crawler cranes generations work on the high-speed train works in Murcia

Murcia is immersed in a project of remodelling and modernization of its railway network, besides the rail development, includes some adaptations and urban improvements. A total of 7.120 meters of train’s rail will be undergrounded to allow the arrival of the high-speed train to the Spanish city.

The project counts with five different generations Liebherr HS crawler cranes that are performing main machinery tasks for the execution of the ways tunnelling, providing reliability and efficiency at any time. These machines are HS 841 HD, HS 852 HD, HS 843, HS 855 HD and the latest recently delivered HS 8070 HD.

The HS 8070, with 70 t of load, highlights for its high performance in the execution and its improved profitability. The equipment is optimized to do all works in the construction site, being able to use both for excavation and concreting, as well as for the introduction of reinforcements. In addition, in this model has been significantly achieved the reduction of fuel consumption and the emission of sounds and pollution, a determining factor especially for works in urban areas as it is the case of this project.

It is not only a symbolic work for Murcia, but also a very demanding project in terms of the conditions in which it is developed. The construction of underground stretch of rail line is being carried out in a space of just 10 m total and just 3 m from the train tracks that currently cross the city. In this very small space, 21 m deep and 5 m wide walls with circular joints and bentonite sludge are being executed.

Taking into account these conditions, this project becomes a real logistical challenge, since it is necessary to coordinate the different jobs of the whole machinery to maintain an optimal daily production despite the complications of existing space.

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