ULMA provides customized technical solutions at the New National Police Hospital in Lima

ULMA provides customized technical solutions at the New National Police Hospital in Lima

The new National Police Hospital in Lima is built on a lot measuring 28,345 m² and features six storeys for use as a hospital, with four storeys for parking and seismic absorption. The building was built following strict criteria for energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

In such structures, the height, thickness, and geometry of the floor slabs are all variable. The ENKOFLEX Beam System provided the flexibility required for optimal formwork use in each of a variety of applications: slabs, ramps, and hanging beams with super- elevations measuring 0.60 m, 0.90 m, and 1.20 m respectively.

In the areas with ENKOFLEX formwork at the New National Police Hospital, the standard zones were shored with EP and SP Props, while the zones with increased loads or varied geometry were shored with the BRIO Shoring System or ALUPROP Towers.

In the area where the container wharfs were, the height to be shored was extremely diminished, calling for the versatility of T-60 Towers. This system features a wide range of frames with high load-bearing capacity and adjustable height, making for a quick, safe, and effective solution for the distinct height requirements presented by the building.

Cantilever beams were formed using a combination of the BRIO and MK Systems, making a flexible solution with high load-bearing capacity supporting the stairs.

Although the columns are of different dimensions, the same LGW panels could be used to build all of them. The LGW System is man-portable and extremely flexible, capable of forming walls, columns and foundations.

More than 1000 t of ULMA systems were provisioned within the client-established timeline, with fully integrated safety features including working platforms, handrails, and access stairways. All formwork systems were rotated and reused throughout the project.

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