Master Builders Solutions presents Ucrete flooring systems at IFFA 2019

Master Builders Solutions presents Ucrete flooring systems at IFFA 2019

Ucrete, the high performance hygienic flooring system, is widely used in the meat industry to provide durable flooring solutions.

The Master Builders Solutions experts from BASF will showcase Ucrete, the high performance hygienic flooring system at the world’s leading trade fair of the meat industry IFFA from May 4 to 9 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. At booth number C20 in hall 9.1, BASF presents a design that not only plays with unusual perspectives, but highlights the unique properties of Ucrete, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Ucrete has a history of success, but thanks to continuous investments in research and development, several innovative milestones have been reached as well, for instance:

1982: The first antistatic hygienic terrazzo floor for the pharmaceutical industry;

1993: The first flow applied heavy duty screed with thermal shock resistance for ergonomic application;

2003: The first systems with specifiable slip resistance profiles as key safety requirement for the food-and-beverage industry;

2011: The first non-tainting, rapid curing systems, to minimize downtime even at chill temperatures;

2018: Monolithic, thermal shock resistant antistatic flooring;

2018: Halal-certification for Ucrete industrial floors

Ucrete floors have already been used successfully throughout the world. The high-strength, durable resin flooring system is outstandingly well suited to meet the special requirements of the meat processing industry, both for new facilities and refurbishment projects.

Especially in cured meat and sausage processing, plants must meet the most stringent cleanliness and hygiene requirements. Acids and other aggressive cleaning products are used regularly. Floors also face intensive exposure to moisture, grease and hot water on a continuous basis.

The surfaces face high thermal, chemical and mechanical stress. In addition, they must also comply with health and safety requirements. Ucrete heavy duty resin flooring systems have proved themselves in these applications. They are long lasting and with bacterial cleanability comparable to stainless steel. Depending on the layer thickness, they can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 130 °C. They are extremely impact resistant, while offering high chemical resistance and effective anti-slip properties. The anti-slip class of the floor can be set to meet customers’ requirements from smooth to highly slip resistant.

Especially in refurbishing work, rapid installation is a key advantage: Ucrete polyurethane concrete systems cure very quickly. For example, Ucrete UD200SR specifications that can already be returned to service after 5 hours at 10 °C, are available. This means that entire floors can be refurbished during normal pauses in production. Downtimes are minimized to maintain production efficiency. As Ucrete floor systems are odorless and non-tainting, they can even be laid while normal production continues. They comply with the requirements of AgBB (German committee for the health assessment of construction products) and hold an “Indoor Air Comfort Gold” certificate.

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