Topcon returns to SaMoTer with two exhibition areas and live demonstrations of the “Cantiere Digitale”

Topcon returns to SaMoTer with two exhibition areas and live demonstrations of the “Cantiere Digitale”

Topcon Positioning Italy returns to SaMoTer, scheduled from 3 to 7 May 2023, to present technological solutions in four thematic areas: earthmoving, paving, building construction and site survey. Two the exhibition areas: one inside Hall 10, and the other in an outdoor area with a Topcon showtruck equipped with machine control systems.

“More than ten years after its last participation, Topcon returns to SaMoTer, in what promises to be for the organizers of the event the relaunch edition after heavy years of crisis in the construction industry and the 2020 edition, cancelled due to the pandemic. The Topcon Group, meanwhile, has invested heavily in the construction sector, historically lagging in the implementation of digitalization processes, and in recent years has launched on the global market, important technological innovations that go precisely in the direction of digitalization of the construction site, called upon to ensure greater productivity, cost reduction and increased worker safety. At the event we will present to operators the whole range of solutions and workflows for building and road construction,” says Massimiliano Toppi, Marketing Communications Manager of Topcon Positioning Italy.

Topcon will be present at SaMoter in Hall 10 (stand B3) and in Area F (stand 64), as well as at conferences program. In addition, the daily program will include live demo of the “Cantiere Digitale”, supported by partner company manufacturers of earthmoving and road machinery.

Thematic areas with dedicated solutions


MC-Max: a scalable 3D Machine Control solution for mixed fleets of heavy equipment that can be installed on a full range of dozers and excavators using the same basic modular components, MC-Max offers flexible installation solutions as well as optional automatic blade and bucket control for a wide variety of machines.

MC-Mobile: result of a perfect combination of surveying and machine control technologies, MC-Mobile is a modular 3-in-1 system that can be used for site layout operations with LN-150 hardware and Android™ tablets connected to a 360° prism on the rod. Those same components can be easily installed on a mini excavator for convenient and accurate excavation control from the cab.


SmoothRide: an innovative, proven road resurfacing process that includes road scanning without lane closures, design, milling, paving and compaction, ensuring a significant increase in road accuracy and smoothness, a marked improvement in operator safety and optimized material management.

Building Construction

LN-150 Layout Navigator: a compact, auto-levelling, easy-to-install instrument, the LN-150 is an innovative single-operator solution designed for digital site layouts. As easy to use as a laser level, but with the performance of a total station, the LN-150 self-levels at one touch of a button and is controlled using the MAGNET Construct app installed on a smartphone or tablet.

GTL-1200: a solution that combines the power of a robotic total station with a high-performance laser scanner to perform digital layout and capture high-resolution 3D scans in a single solution. Perfect for construction inspection, operations that can be carried out on site, virtually in real time.

Site Survey

GT 1200/600 Series: The latest generation robotic total station, available with angular accuracy down to 1″, is equipped with Direct Drive ultrasonic motors offering a rotation speed of 180° per second. The GT total station offers UltraTrac™ prism tracking technology and LongLink™ communication up to 600 meters as standard, ideal features for layout operations and LPS control of construction machinery.

HiPer VR – HiPer HR: 226 and 452-channel Universal Tracking Channel™ GNSS four-channel receivers, feature patented TILT™ technology including an IMU inertial platform and a compact e-compass, capable of compensating for measurements up to 15° out of plumb.

RL-H5 – RL-200 – RL-HV2S: rotating laser levels for horizontal, vertical and slope applications offer high precision in layout and alignment work, and with a working area of up to 800 meters in diameter, they are ideal for machine control operations through communication with receivers mounted on operating machines.

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