Nolves becomes Palazzani partner

Nolves Srl becomes Palazzani Industrie Spa partner

Nolves Srl and Palazzani Industrie Spa has signed the Agreement for the distribution of Spider Lifts in Nortern Italian regions: Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige. The strong presence on the territory and commercial organization of Nolves led Palazzani to choose them as the sole distributor in that area. They are already operating in the market, structured to provide professional and fast after-sale and spare parts service.

Further than the distribution of self-propelled platforms and truck-mounted platforms, Novles is now including to its offer also the sale of Spider Lifts, completing the range and covering all customers need.

Matteo Bertiato, managing director of Nolves, says “We have chosen Palazzani for their professionalism and for their wide and unique range. Now we can offer to our customers Spider Lifts up to 52 meters of max w/h and ecologic solutions thanks to the lithium batteries option which don’t compromise their performances. This is possible thanks to the machines high technological and innovative level offered by Palazzani over the years.”

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