Global Robot Expo obtains the recognition of International Trade Show

In just three editions, Global Robot Expo (GR-EX) has become the gathering place for companies from more than 20 countries.

Global Robot Expo will celebrate it’s fourth edition on May 8th and 9th, 2019, creating a meeting point for professionals from technological companies, especially in the Robotics, Industrial, Logistics, Artificial Intelligence, Drones and Aerospace sectors.

Since it’s first edition GR-EX has accumulated 130 million euros in media impact and more than 28,000 visitors. In 2018, the participation of international companies exceeded the 30% andthe event broke the record of nationalities (50) who visited the trade show. As a consequence of this growth, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism has recognized Global Robot Expo as one of the most important trade shows in Spain.

The qualification of “international” is granted every year to trade shows that are held in Spain and meet certain conditions such as the number of exhibitors and international visitors, a noticeable support of the industry and positive reports from ICEX – The Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade, among others.

This certificate, in addition to the prestige of international character and quality assurance, is great news for all the involved actors, providing access to grants, subsidies and facilities for exhibiting companies when importing, storing or moving their merchandise to the event.

The focus of Global Robot Expo in professional solutions has been very well received in the sector, the fourth edition is growing at an unstoppable rate and the new sponsorships of KUKA Robots, Schunk, Digidelta and Mouser Electronics, among others, is a consequence of the evolution of the event as a reference in the industrial sector. This fact is reflected in the increasing participation of companies in the sector and exclusively professional visitors, who will meet once again to determine the path of the Industry.

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