COVID-19: Wacker Neuson bring forward plant holidays

The global spread of the coronavirus has significant consequences on public life and the economy. States and institutions are imposing increasingly drastic protective measures. In light of the increasing impacts of COVID-19 on the Wacker Neuson Group’s supply chains and against the background of the cautious guidance compared to the financial results of the previous year, the production programs will be reduced starting end of this week and plant holidays planned for the summer will be brought forward at certain plants. Further, the Wacker Neuson Group will implement various models of short-time work to protect from COVID-19. The extent of the production cutbacks will then be tailored to the conditions of the markets and the supply chains.

The sale of machines and services for the construction and agricultural industries will be sustained, as far as permitted by the local conditions. To date, the Wacker Neuson Group has a high level of inventory of machines and spare parts at its disposal, through which a considerable degree of supply capability is secured. Nevertheless, there will be partial delays in delivery due to the significant restrictions in logistic chains.

The Group’s Chinese location Pinghu has resumed its activities in the meantime. The procedures regarding procurement, production and sales are increasingly normalizing.

The Wacker Neuson Group will inform about the further developments in due time .

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