CONDAT launches the LUBRISCORE, a selection of eco-designed lubricants

Committed for many years to responsible performance, CONDAT is taking the lead by supplying the industry greater readability on its eco-design lubricant offer. Its innovative self-scoring Lubriscore grants a number of stars to products showing a virtuous profile on life cycle criteria: Raw materials and design / Production / Transport / Use / End of life.

CONDAT shares the conviction that industry can be a wonderful lever of innovation to respond to contemporary challenges: climate change, diminishing resources, pollution… Supporting customers and partners towards responsible performance, that combines social and environmental issues, is a main objective for the company.

Initiated several decades ago, this responsible commitment is based on one of the CONDAT Group’s fundamental values: BUILD TO LAST. Guided by this historical value, since 1854 the company has been pursuing a long-term strategy that contributes greatly to its longevity. It has been therefore one of the forerunners to develop industrial lubricants and other specialty products with a reduced environmental impact, without compromising either their performance or the safety of users. As an example, the company launched its first biodegradable lubricants 20 years ago.

CSR commitments & assessments

Since their publication in 2010, the guidelines of the ISO 26000:2010 standard have been a guide for CONDAT decision-making and actions. Although this standard does not lend itself to certification, it provides the right guideline to all companies being aware that social responsibility and environmentally friendly behavior are key factors for success.

In 2018, CONDAT goes a step further in its CSR policy by joining the international ECOVADIS platform. Its CSR performance is assessed annually by an independent body according to 21 criteria divided into 4 themes: Environment – HR and Human rights – Business ethics – responsible purchasing policy.

For 2020, CONDAT has been awarded Silver level by ECOVADIS, recognizing its far-reaching sustainability and CSR policy. This achievement places CONDAT among the 25% of the best rated global companies by ECOVADIS and among the top 6% of companies in this economic sector / lubricants.

LUBRISCORE ®, a self-scoring system for eco-designed products

To provide customers better readability and total transparency on its products, CONDAT established in 2020 the innovative Lubriscore ®. The Lubriscore ® is a CONDAT self-scoring system that weights the product properties based on life cycle criteria: Raw materials and design / Production / Transport / Use / End of life. This rating includes impacts on people and the environment and takes into consideration the state of the knowledge at the time of the assessment and changes to regulations. A bonus is applied in case of compliance with a label or certification; as for example for an ECOLABEL certified product.

Based on a point system and on the answers given to about twenty questions, the Lubriscore® grants, or not, the product with an associated number of stars. The more eco-designed a lubricant is, the higher the number of stars it gets, the ratings range being from 0 to 3 stars. By choosing a product with at least one star, you benefit from an eco-designed alternative!

The LUBRISCORE ® rating is available for a wide range of CONDAT lubricants, including tunneling products, hydraulic oils, metalworking fluids, wire drawing soaps, die lubricants, cooling lubricants, hardening/quenching fluids and maintenance lubricants.

What about eco-designed tunnel grease alternative?

A 2stars product: BTG 4602

As leader on the tunneling market, CONDAT has also been keen on offering safer lubricants for this industry. Developed in 2018, BTG 4602 is a grease specifically designed for the protection of the main bearing and the lubrication of the associated seals in tunnel boring machines.

Formulated from high viscosity synthetic esters and lithium/calcium soap, BTG 4602 provides an excellent resistance to water washout and will give an efficient barrier to water/soil ingress. The polarity of the esters helps the creation of a uniform and resistant lubricating film protecting the seals from premature wear.

The specific anti-wear & extreme pressure additivation will offer protection even if the load suddenly increases. The high viscosity index of the esters ensures that the viscosity of the oil remains stable even when temperature varies, hence providing a consistent and reliable protection.

BTG 4602 is readily biodegradable (OECD 301B test) and is formulated without molybdenum. As such BTG 4602 will not negatively impact the excavated soils and will allow their reprocessing.

BTG 4602 is self-extinguishing and will not propagate flame in case of a fire outbreak, ensuring the safety of the operators and the equipment protection.

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