CONDAT celebrates its 30th anniversary in tunneling field

CONDAT celebrates its 30th anniversary in tunneling field

In 1989, CONDAT made a major move in the tunnel boring industry by winning the Tunnel Shuttle contract. Celebrating its 30 years anniversary in tunneling field, the company will display at BAUMA in München its tailored-made product range.

Offering tail seal & main bearing greases, fire resistant hydraulic fluids, main bearing sealing product, foaming agents and polymers, additives for filling grout, additives for ground consolidation and many others, CONDAT tenders high-tech products with same high-quality level delivered worldwide.

Built expertise

Those last 30 years have been filled with many landmark projects: Groene hart, Port of Miami tunnel, SR 99 Seattle tunnel… To overcome technological challenges, CONDAT experts have been, since then, accompanying and partnering with their customers across the world. Specialized tunnel technical engineers, chemistry specialists and a R&D tunneling department compose the team that helps jobsites improve their efficiency. Diagnostic analysis, ground studies, product consumption settings, advises and technical support are part of CONDAT’s first aid kit.

Recognized as a leader in tunnel boring machines specific products, the company offers high standard, quality products with certified (Factory Mutual, MSHA) and proven technical benefits. Perfectly suited to TBM constraints of geology, maintenance and productivity, they contribute to optimum TBM performance and safety of the jobsite thanks to their: high performance level fire resistance & self-extinguishing properties

CONDAT is also one of the few to internally design and produce its main range of products, mastering the whole process from R&D and raw materials to the finished product, thus ensuring consistent and reliable product quality.

Committed to biodegradability

Since 2010, CONDAT has switched its top-selling range of products to meet biodegradable OECD 301 standards, reducing products’ impact on the environment and on the excavated soil.
Faithfull to its philosophy of partnership, Condat has recently developed a brand new grease for the main bearing with a main tunnel constructor. Fully biodegradable and molybden free, BTG 4602 has been approved by Herrenknecht after a joint program of validation. This new grease has been launched in 2018 and is used on several TBMs, including the Grand Paris sites such as at the EOLE shipyard on a 11 m slurry machine.

To demonstrate no relevant risks for either the environment or human health, CONDAT can also supply thorough study and risk assessment of its product toxicology. With the future as a requirement, CONDAT works to respond in a reliable, responsible and sustainable way to its customers’ needs.

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