ACCIONA to upgrade OS PRACERES wastewater plant in Pontevedra

The Galicia Regional Government has awarded ACCIONA the contract to upgrade the Os Praceres wastewater treatment plant in Pontevedra (Spain). With a budget of over €16.5 million, the project will enable the plant to attain a capacity of 51,840m³ per day, capable of serving a population of 150,000 people.

The work, estimated to take 27 months, involves expanding the existing plant and upgrading the technical processes for treating water and sludge.

The project of ACCIONA in Os praceres is part of the Galician government’s priority focus on waterworks, where it is essential to take action to improve the quality of discharge water, increase shellfish production and enhance tourism, within the goal of fulfilling the discharge standards set by the European Union.

ACCIONA has developed over 300 wastewater treatment plants worldwide with a total capacity of more than 13.5 million m³/day, enough to serve a population of more than 55 million people.

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