Zeleros secures a stake in a multimillion euro battery project in Spain

Zeleros secures a stake in a multimillion euro battery project

Zeleros secures a stake in a multimillion euro battery project in Spain expanding its high-performance battery capabilities for e-mobility

Zeleros, the Spanish deep-tech company developing the scalable hyperloop, has been awarded 2.8 million euros under the +50M€ traction project HUB-dCO2 PERTE-VEC to design a battery pack for high-performing e-mobility sectors. 

Taking advantage of the knowledge and expertise from its hyperloop core business, Zeleros has expanded its vision to also serve other transport sectors with similar technical requirements, such as supercars, marine, aviation or industrial vehicles.

As we advance in the construction of hyperloop, we have witnessed there are unmet industrial needs for sectors transitioning towards decarbonization and electrification. Low series high-energy and high-power vehicles particularly lack a solid supply chain to help them meet climate change mitigation commitments. As a company developing high-performance technology, we can now apply our knowledge by proposing solutions to serve these markets”, has stated David Pistoni, CEO of Zeleros. 

Consolidating the design and development of the battery system for its hyperloop vehicle, Zeleros is now taking this know-how as an opportunity to supply other market segments requiring high power/energy and optimized electric batteries, with a technically efficient solution.

Zeleros secures a stake in a multimillion euro battery project in Spain - 2

This project has now been backed by the NextGenerationEU Funds under the PERTE-VEC, one of the largest integral electrification strategies for vehicles worldwide, coordinated by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Under this scope, Zeleros will design, prototype, and validate a modular short series high-performance battery pack, outstanding in both power and energy. 

These requirements will reduce the weight and the volume of the pack, allowing it to transport high-speed or heavy loads in longer distances, focusing on optimizing the electrical performance of target transport segments.The project, to be completed by 2025, further includes the research and evaluation of key aspects for future industrialization and commercialization of the battery pack. It will also define the path for the future certification process of the product, while in parallel additional partnerships will be sought for prototyping and certification of the battery pack.   

Zeleros enlarges with this development its technological portfolio of key applications to decarbonize and reduce dependence on fossil fuels of high performance transport sectors, and keeps advancing together with its partners in the construction and validation of the scalable hyperloop.

The linear motor test track currently under construction in the port of Sagunto, is another example of how Zeleros has leveraged its experience integrating the launching system for hyperloop to propose SELF, a platform to decongest and decarbonize traffic in ports by moving containers inland in an automated, fully electric way. 

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