WTC 2022 – The essentials

WTC 2022 – The essentials

The WTC 2022 is organized by the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA-AITES) and the Danish Tunnelling Association (DFTU), the World Tunnel Congress and ITA 48th General Assembly will be held in the city of Copenhagen, from September 2nd to 8th.

During a 6 days innovation-sharing event, the Bella Center will host the leading experts in the field, university professors and researchers, professionals, engineering firms, major clients and representatives from the most important construction companies in this sector.

172 exhibitors and 2,000 participants are expected from every part of the world. This scientific event will review the state of the art and the most recent innovations in tunnelling methods, technologies and equipment.

Since ITA and DFTU have at heart the health and well-being of all exhibitors and visitors, and taking into account some travel restrictions, the event will be organised as a hybrid event (physical and digital). Participants in the digital format will have access to all sessions live and later on as recorded session. Interactive participation will be organised. It will also include an access to the digital exhibition.

WTC 2022, a major and expert event on the themes of urban tunnels and innovation in terms of underground constructions

Over the past years, underground space has been identified as a crucial lever to build resilient urban environments and tackle impacts of climate change. Owing to the rarefaction of space on surface, notably in urban areas, most of these infrastructures are deployed under the earth’s stratum. Beyond the clichés abounding about them, tunnels and underground spaces are of critical importance to develop collective transports and energy schemes, avoid water floods, or expand urban facilities. Sustainability and Ethic have become the driving forces behind all underground projects, and through this new edition, ITA has at heart to demonstrate the evolution of the industry to meet these new challenges, and especially with the theme of this year “Underground Solutions for a World in change”.

Tunnels and underground spaces are deployed all over the world with similar objectives: linking two spots throughout the sea, creating new traffic ways, deriving water….

Nevertheless, construction practices, methods and equipment can considerably vary from a region to another, depending on the environmental constraints of the project, the needs of populations, the level of technologies… The World Tunnel Congress WTC 2022 will bring together professionals worldwide and encourage the exchange of experiences and ideas from past, current and future tunnelling projects.

Between major announcements, conferences and technical sessions, the program of the upcoming WTC promises to be rich. Either through conventional tunnelling for urban tunnels, environment sustainability in underground construction or safety topics, the event will approach numerous major issues showcased by many examples from all over the world such as: Lower Thames Crossing – Choosing by Advantage for a sustainable tunnel solution ; Ollachea, an extreme thermal water Tunnel in the Peruvian Andes ; Expansion of the Stockholm metro: Case study of the passage of a fracture zone ; Subsurface planning on Brisbane’s Cross River Rail Project ; Design and construction of the Marieholm Immersed Tunnel in Gothenburg, Sweden ; Rock Tunnels at High Water Pressure: Non-Continuous Pressurized Tunnelling vs. Slurry Tunnelling…

The WTC is also the occasion to meet and listen a prestigious panel of lecturers: from September 2nd to 8th, a series of lectures, seminars and workshops will focus on the world of design and construction, in relation to works involving tunnels. On the panels, the finest authorities in the world on underground construction: Sigurd Lamhauge, CEO of Landsverk ; Brandur Sjúrðarson, DFA of Landsverk ; Tom Melbye, Senior Adviser at Normet Group ; Jan Thoren, Technical and Environmental Director at Trafikverket / Swedish Transport Administration ; Tabita Grondal Sustainability Manager at Sweco ; Jorunn Haltbakk, Head environment and carrying capacity at NCC ; Hans De Wit, Leading Professional Tunnels and Underground Works at TEC ; Andrew Shaw, Immersed Tunnel Lead, Ramboll…

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