Volvo CE, Volvo Penta, and Volvo Trucks joining forces at Elmia Wood

Volvo CE, Volvo Penta, and Volvo Trucks joining forces at Elmia Wood

Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Penta, and Volvo Trucks joined forces to show that they provide an all-round offer for forestry customers, at Elmia Wood international forestry trade fair in Sweden.

With access to a strength and depth of products, customers can benefit from solutions for the future, for many forestry requirements. Visitors to the Elmia Wood forestry fair, which run from June 7-10, saw the broad range of equipment and services, from engines to transportation, from Volvo Penta, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE), and Volvo Trucks.

Elmia Wood, held in Sweden, is the world’s largest forestry trade show, occurring every four years to highlight the hottest trends and latest innovations. The Volvo Group business areas will share a joint stand of 1,200m2 – the largest in the Load and Transport section – to welcome visitors from all sectors of the forestry industry, who want to find out more about the comprehensive offer.

Volvo Construction Equipment: Moving ahead

Volvo Construction Equipment has a range of products for excavating and earthmoving, as well as building forest roads and working with timber yards. It offers equipment and features tailored to the forestry industry, including: the L180 High-Lift, a wheel loader with excellent reach capabilities for optimum productivity; and the patented torque parallel (TP) linkage that enables the loader arms to remain perfectly parallel throughout the lifting range, thereby ensuring exceptional load stability.

“We are the market leader in several segments of the forestry business, thanks to our intelligent and dedicated product solutions like the TP-linkage and the high stacking reach on our wheel loaders,” says David Alström, VP for Volvo CE’s European sales northern hub.

“For Volvo CE, the ‘internet-of-things’ is already here, and with increasing machine connectivity we realize the possibility of offering fuel efficiency services to improve the total cost of ownership for our customers. The Volvo Group has made many innovations over the years to drive efficiency and safety for forest customers, and this will continue for the decades to come.”

Volvo Penta: Powering forward

Volvo Penta manufactures a range of engines that power machinery for harvesting and forwarding, wood chipping and shredding, land clearing and mulching. Fuel efficiency, excellent performance and load acceptance, and ease of installation are benefits that forestry customers can access across the range of engines. Volvo Penta will be displaying engines that are optimized for the needs of today and tomorrow, including a Stage IV D16 model, which has high power density and is ideal for many wood processing applications. The company will also reveal a new engine in its EU Stage V range, which offers all the benefits of its leading Stage V concept.

“We are working with an increasing number of forestry customers,” says Johan Carlsson, chief technology officer at Volvo Penta. “The feedback of both OEMs and operators is helping us to develop products to suit their needs. In such a diverse industry as forestry, our engines need to provide the appropriate performance both for driving a machine and powering its particular forestry operations.

“In looking forward, our new Stage V concept will provide customers with a product that meets the next EU emissions stage and is easy to install and maintain, while providing an optimized solution to meet the requirements of the future.”

Volvo Trucks: Efficient transportation

Volvo Trucks makes a range of trucks that provide efficient transportation of timber with optimized drivelines and features. Features include: Volvo Dynamic Steering, which reduces strain on the driver’s neck and shoulders, for optimum stability and control; the new I-Shift gearbox with crawler gears, that makes starting from standstill with heavy loads much easier (and also allows cruising speed at lower revs, to save fuel). In addition, the Tandem axel lift also improves fuel economy as well as boosting maneuverability when driving unloaded; and the Stretch brake prevents jack-knifing when driving downhill on a slippery road by applying braking pulses to the trailer.

“Volvo Trucks brings innovations to Elmia Wood that will play an important role for future timber transport, not least in Sweden, that recently announced a higher maximum gross weight of 74 tonnes,” says Johan Selvén, vehicle sales director, Volvo Trucks Sweden.

The company’s technical innovations are designed to provide the best performance in order to assist customers with their forestry requirements, and enable them to operate a profitable business. Finding sustainable solutions for the best environmental care is also a key aspect for Volvo Trucks, along with boosting fuel economy and lowering emissions.

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