VF VENIERI will attend SaMoTer 2023

VF VENIERI will attend SaMoTer 2023

VF VENIERI, true Italian Company since 1948, will attend SaMoTer with a display of 10 units in HALL 09 B12-B14.

Born in 1948 in Italy, VENIERI always remained with HQ and production in Emilia-Romagna Region, inside the Motor Valley. The mission of Venieri is to give rise to and market products that are identified by high productivity, high flexibility, strong performances with a very competitive TCO (total cost of ownership).

Since the beginning, VENIERI invested in manufacturing multifunctional machines whose goal is represented by the installation of Hydrostatic transmission in fact the first earth moving machine equipped with Hydrostatic transmission was born in Lugo in 1968. Since then VENIERI has been persuading the philosophy of multifunctional machines mainly expressed in the range of Backhoes.

VENIERI will display the unique multifunctional articulated loader backhoe, named VF8.23G and VF10.23E, powered by Bosch-Rexroth hydrostatic transmission, Deutz engine Tier 4F ready for the USA market, as well as some compact machines in loader backhoe version and/or with telescopic front boom, powered by Kubota engine.

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The entire Venieri range is equipped with Bosch-Rexroth hydrostatic transmission, Tier 5 engines Deutz or Kubota) and heavy duty axels Dana-Spycer or Carraro.

The target of VENIERI is to provide heavy duty compact tool carriers machines.

Powered by high-flow/high-pressure hydrostatic transmission, the “Venieris” can perform multiple attachments such as big asphalt planners, snow blowers or even simultaneous attachments: front and rear.

VENIERI can support the UE, market trough its partners; in particular, VENIERI is looking to extend the current network trough Sandinavia.

VENIERI is aiming to keep growing in the small/middle size equipment’s offering heavy duty products powered by the best available components offered by the premium market.

The small WL range reflects the soul of the Company, compact and very powerful “without limits”, owing a VENIERI machine means to have a modular product that can be adjusted according to your particular needs.

For example, if you wish high-flow you can easily retro-fit on demand: your VENIERI is always with you!

VF VENIERI will attend SaMoTer 2023 - 3

“Offering an exclusive product grant us to bring solutions on the job sites” says Filippo Muccinelli Venieri MD of VF VENIERI SPA; “we are focus on compact but heavy duty products with long life cycle with the possibility to be retrofitting”. “In order to be a real tool carrier you need a very strong high flow architecture; this modular solution is the best in the category”. replies Filippo Muccinelli Venieri.

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