Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH joins ranks with Terex Trucks

Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH joins ranks with Terex Trucks

Terex Trucks has just signed its third dealer in Germany: Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH – and the timing couldn’t be better. Thanks to a growing demand for real estate and a multi-billion euro budget set aside for infrastructure projects, Germany has become a hotbed for construction.

Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH is the latest addition to Terex Trucks’ German dealer network. The family-run company was established in the 1960s and has since gone onto become a major player in the German construction market. It has three branches – in Heede, Georgsheil and Unna – and employs 50 people including mechanics, engineers and foreign trade clerks. “Our workforce spans several generations, which is partly why we’ve been able to grow so significantly over the years,” says Heinz-Hermann Rehnen, the company’s general manager. “Our long-term employees bring a lot of knowledge and expertise, whereas our younger employees bring fresh ideas and innovative thinking.”

“As a company, we’re committed to environmentally friendly technical solutions, which is a goal we share with Terex Trucks,” continues Heinz-Hermann. “I think that’s one of the reasons Terex Trucks decided to sign us up – we were a natural choice and will work hard to make their haulers a staple purchase among our customers.”

“Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH has a big share of one of the strongest, most prestigious markets for construction equipment,” says Guy Wilson, Global Sales Director for Terex Trucks. “We’re thrilled to have them on board. As a Terex Trucks dealer, they will be covering the north of Germany.”

As well as having expertise and a talented workforce, Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH also has the benefit of working in one of Europe’s strongest construction markets. Germany is currently battling with an extreme shortage of affordable homes, which has led to a surge in residential construction. The government has set aside more than €5 billion ($5.8 billion) to help tackle the problem. Real estate isn’t the only area in which Germany is investing its money, though – infrastructure is also a top priority. In fact, state spending on infrastructure has been a central focus for some years now – in 2015, the government allocated €7 billion ($8.1 billion) to help fund large-scale infrastructure projects. With Germany being such a hotbed for construction, Terex Trucks is keen to expand and strengthen its presence throughout the country.

Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH will be selling both of Terex Trucks’ articulated haulers – the TA300 and TA400 – as well as providing customers with spare parts, after-sale support and repairs. The TA300 has a maximum payload of 28 tonnes (30.9 tons), a maximum torque of 1,880 Nm (1,309 lbf ft), a heaped capacity of 17.5m³ (22.9yd³) and can achieve 276 kW (370 hp) gross power. This, together with its Scania DC9 engine, means that it can perform in challenging applications including quarries, infrastructure developments and commercial construction projects. The TA300 also comes equipped with true independent front suspension and – as of earlier this year – the new ZF EP320 transmission, resulting in improved operator comfort, fuel efficiency, performance and productivity. The hauler also comes with a hydraulics system featuring improved cushioned steering cylinders, which makes for enhanced operator comfort and less stress being put on components. In addition to all of this, the hood on the TA300 has been carefully designed to lower and secure in a way that reduces stress throughout the structure.

With a maximum payload of 10 tonnes (11 tons) higher than the TA300, the TA400 is the most powerful articulated hauler on offer from Terex Trucks. It is a popular choice among customers working on quarries, mines and steep inclines. The heavyweight hauler is capable of lifting up to 38 tonnes (41.9 tons) and has a maximum torque of 2,100 Nm (1548 lbf ft). The TA400 also has a heaped capacity of 23.3 m³ (30.3 yd³) and is fitted with an Allison HD4560 transmission, which boasts high performance oil and extends the time between service intervals to 6,000 hours.

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