Liebherr presents its new generation display controller: DC5 family

Liebherr presents its new generation display controller: DC5 family

In addition to a high-resolution display, the customisable DC5 display controller with touchscreen can be used as programmable input device.

Liebherrs fifth generation display controller is based on a high-capacity i.MX6 processor and a Linux/Yocto software environment. The DC5 provides the driver’s cab with visual comfort as well as high computing power. Rated up to IP6K5, the display controllers are ideally suited to the demanding operational conditions of mobile machinery – from construction machinery and agricultural machinery to materialhandling machines.

DC5 portfolio – customisable

The DC5 portfolio comprises 7, 9 and 12 inch variants. High resolution screens of up to 1,280 x 800 pixels ensure detailed display content for the operator. Various interfaces, such as Ethernet, CAN or Bluetooth allow for easy integration. A built-in speaker can provide the driver with audio data, such as beeps. Even under extreme temperatures from -30 °C up to 70°C the display controller is fully operational.

These proven DC5 solutions provide an optimal basis for customer-specific developments. That allows cost-effective and rapid adaptation in accordance with the requirements of the application. The customer can configure various parameters, such as design, display size and quality, computing power or interfaces. Thanks to this individualisation, the OEM can meet the specific requirements of their machine and get the most of their user interface.

Increased functionality, more options: if required, even more functionality can be integrated directly into the display-controller, such as satellite navigation or mobile communications. This provides additional options in the system architecture.

Optical Bonding ensures long-term use with sustained high quality

Optical Bonding combines display, touch sensor and protective glass to create a robust, compact unit. This high-quality bonding technology ensures that your display is suited to the challenges of demanding operational conditions. Optical Bonding prevents the formation of moisture and ensures that the display is dust-proof. In addition to being highly robust, the technology also offers significant advantages in terms of comfort: increased touch functionality and high legibility even in strong sunlight.

Wide range of applications

Visibility aid, control computer and input device: in addition to displaying operational parameters and camera images, the DC5 display controller also qualifies as a visibility aid in accordance with DIN EN ISO 16001:2016. With its high processing power, the DC5 can be used as a control computer. The integrated PCAP touchscreen transforms the display into a programmable input device.

Extensive experience with displays

The DC5 is already the fifth generation display controller by Liebherr for mobile machinery. Every day, tens of thousands of Liebherr displays reliably supply operators with relevant information – worldwide in various industries.

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