Kobelco appoints new dealer in the Caribbean: WiMat

Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME) has announced the addition of WiMat to its expanding European network. This appointment furthers the growth of Kobelco suppliers within the European Union and underlines KCME’s commitment to manufacture and supply market leading specialist earth moving machinery to accommodate the growing global demand for Kobelco quality products.

WiMat is a relatively young construction and agriculture company with two active branches operating in Guadeloupe and Martinique – two islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea that part-form the overseas regions of France. Kobelco equipment to be stocked by WiMat includes the SK28SR-6, SK55SRX-6 and SK140SRLC-5 – ideal machines for the rugged, varied terrain and increasing construction projects on the Guadeloupe and Martinique Islands.

“It is said that success breeds success and this is very true with the Kobelco brand and its range of products”, said Makoto Kato, Managing Director of KCME. “WiMat’s reasons to be an authorised Kobelco supplier were based on the famed Kobelco product reliability and success of the brand on mainland France”, Kato added.

“Of course there were other factors that proved influential in this young company’s decision to join our increasing network of Kobelco product suppliers”, explained Makoto Kato. “Exceptional working performance and fuel efficiency are perfect examples of how Kobelco machines deliver reduced operator costs and, equally as important, our future carbon footprint”. And he finished telling that “low noise and compact dimensions of our class-leading excavators also help reduce the impact of construction, these are particularly important considerations amongst the natural splendor and populated locations of the French island territories”.

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