HIMOINSA continues to gain market share in Europe

HIMOINSA continues to gain market share in Europe

HIMOINSA has brought its distribution network together at its European Convention in order to present its new products and to set targets for 2020 in Europe.

The European market is constantly changing and is subject to continuous regulations in the field of emissions and energy efficiency. In this demanding scenario, HIMOINSA is constantly working on the development of new generator set models with Stage V certification, both diesel and gas, in compliance furthermore with the RoHS 2 Directive, thus reducing the use of electronic materials that contain substances that pollute and harm the environment.

Europe is one of the most demanding markets in which HIMOINSA has been operating for more than 25 years. Its extensive experience in the manufacture of generator sets and its well-established commercial positioning make the company one of the market leaders in Europe, acquiring an ever increasing market share, according to the latest reports published by Frost & Sullivan.

At present, HIMOINSA has commercial subsidiaries in Europe in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal and Spain, as well as a consolidated distribution network in every European country in order to provide a swift service to the market.

In this context, HIMOINSA has gathered its commercial network together at its European Distributors Convention which took place from 18 to 20 November in Spain. The meeting, which was attended by more than 30 distributors from some twenty European countries, served to analyse market trends, share the objectives set for 2020 and take stock of last year’s trade balance.

Guillermo Elum, EMEA Region Director at HIMOINSA, commented during this workshop that “Europe is one of our main markets, it accounts for more than a third of our global turnover; it is a highly specialised market for which we work alongside our distributors in order to be able to offer the maximum quality that the market demands”.

The company, which constantly invests in the innovation of its production centres, is immersed in the implementation of new developments in its factories with the aim of further expanding its production capacity and optimising its processes. “Our philosophy is to continue offering the market a best-in-class product, and this means constantly investing in production processes and R&D”, says Manuel Sánchez Bada, Head of International Operations.

In addition to this ongoing investment in quality and production processes, all the company’s processes have been digitalised and customer-driven digital tools have been developed. New platforms for handling offers, purchasing replacement parts, managing technical services and developing a platform for sizing generator sets for each project were presented to the European distributor network during this meeting.

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