Gerken receives close to 200 Genie machines in Germany

Gerken, leading rental firm, marks its trust in Genie quality and performance with delivery of close to 200 Genie® Xtra Capacity™ (XC™) boom lift units.

Reconfirming its confidence in Genie, Düsseldorf-based Gerken rental is receiving delivery of an order for close to 200 Genie® Xtra Capacity™ (XC™) telescopic boom lifts. Offering working heights from 15.72 m (51 ft 6 in) to 43.15 m (141 ft 6 in), many of the models included in the delivery feature the brand’s innovative Stage V engine solution. Notably, the delivery also includes the first track-mounted version of the Genie S®-65 — the new Genie S-65 TraX™ boom with XC capacity, plus several Genie 4-m (13 ft) supersized platforms. With this 12-million Euro investment, Gerken aims to provide its customers an even broader selection of powerful, high quality mobile elevating work platforms, half of which will be available for rent before the end of this year.

Why choose Genie XC boom lifts?

Offering a dual lift capacity of 300 kg (660 lb) across the entire working range and 450 kg (1,000 lb) restricted, Genie XC boom lifts are designed to increase productivity. The ideal solution for heavier lifting tasks, they provide ample room for the operators in the platform with their tools and materials.

Genie Stage V engine with unique ‘smart regeneration’ technology

In addition to the required features that apply to all Stage V engines, the Genie Stage V engine solution utilises proprietary, easy-to-use new ‘smart regeneration’ technology that proactively monitors the progression of soot build-up in the engine’s DPF. Only available with the Genie Stage V engine solution, this innovative, operator-friendly technology is designed to alert operators that regeneration is needed — well in advance of the engine requiring it. Safeguarding the engine and its components and simplifying maintenance tasks, unlike other manufacturers, the Genie solution does not compromise the machine’s power, performance or productivity.

Lioba Herrmann, Marketing Manager, Gerken, says: “Our company puts a strong focus on guaranteeing its customers high quality equipment at all times. We also pride ourselves in offering the best of today’s latest technology. The workmanship of Genie machines is robust and reliable, and the technology is purposeful. The new Genie Stage V engine solution and its exclusive active regeneration system, the new Genie S-65 Trax boom lift with its unique patented Genie TraX system, and the Genie 4 m (13-ft) platform, that is an excellent solution for tasks over large areas, are good examples.”

She continues: “The main benefit of Genie XC telescopic booms is their high lift capacity. For us however, the second decisive reason for our purchase is the performance of the chassis tilt sensor.” This is incorporated into the aerial’s function will automatically cut-out certain lift and drive functions of the Genie machine when the tilt activation setting is reached. Thanks to new technology incorporated into the design, Genie XC booms will not only carry more load than ever before, but on some models, these MEWPs will vary the platform envelope based on the ground slope. The new Genie tilt sensor technology will restrict the machine’s ranges of motion based on the ground angle maximizing the ability to access hard-to-reach work areas

Lioba Herrmann concludes: “With this new order, our customers throughout Germany will now find the solution with the higher lift capacity they need, as well as benefitting from faster machine availability.

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