From site to site: The new MK 73-3.1 from Liebherr in action

Short setup times, high-performance lifting – the new Liebherr MK 73-3.1 mobile construction crane proves its worth as a compact taxi crane for everyday construction site use. It can handle multiple jobs in different locations on the same day without any difficulty, and is able to reach construction sites in densely built-up areas with ease. Customers are particularly impressed by its smart assistance systems and hybrid power concept.

The smallest of Liebherr’s mobile construction cranes excels on tight construction sites. Whether it’s a densely built-up residential or inner-city area, the MK 73-3.1 reaches its work sites with ease. Measuring 13.80 metres in overall length, 2.75 metres in width and 4.0 metres in height, it offers excellent manoeuvrability. Although it is compact in form, customers don’t have to make any compromises as it includes all the features of its big brother, the MK 88-4.1.

The mobile construction crane is particularly well suited to smaller construction sites and short assignments as has been impressively proven in the Netherlands. In Haarlem, very near to Amsterdam, the MK 73-3.1 helped to bring a historic building back to life. More than 70 new flats are being created in the densely built-up city centre following the relocation of the district court there. It was the crane’s task to lift insulated roof sheeting. The MK was able to be positioned in close proximity; the projecting edges of the angular building didn’t pose a problem.

Smart assistance systems

Restricted space on site, tight access routes and the need for the lowest possible environmental impact were all challenges that crane rental company Koninklijke Saan B.V. overcame thanks to
the MK 73-3.1. “The crane is really compact and I like the fact that I can also operate it using site power,” says Tim Hoekstra (Koninklijke Saan B.V), who drove and operated the mobile construction crane that day. “For tight locations like here in Haarlem and Amsterdam, where I work a lot, the variable support widths are ideal for assembly.” The MK also features smart assistance systems such as Load Plus and level luffing in luffed positions.

The rental company Koninklijke Saan B.V. is deploying the new mobile construction crane in inner-city areas with great success. Customers are impressed by its compact dimensions, long reach and substantial capacity. The MK 73-3.1 can also be operated electrically on site or powered by its integrated drive unit. Operation is extremely quiet and emission-free in electric mode. This all provides great added value for Koninklijke Saan B.V.; more and more customers are discovering and requesting the crane.

Easy assembly, quick change of location

Some 50 kilometres to the south-west, another Liebherr MK 73-3.1 had a job to do. In the Hague, or to be more precise in the Voorburg district, it was responsible for moving painting platforms weighing around 800 kilograms. The mobile construction crane offers lifting capacities of up to 2,000 kilograms at maximum radius, whereby this can be increased to up to 2,800 kilograms depending on the luffed position.

The parts to be moved were located at a height of 20 metres on the roof of a residential building and needed to be moved back a further 30 metres. The painting platforms couldn’t be seen from the ground, but this wasn’t a problem thanks to the MK 73-3.1’s infinitely adjustable elevating cabin. Modern camera systems supported the crane operator during the lifts. He described visibility as excellent due to the assistance systems making sure that both load and undercarriage were always in sight.

The mobile construction crane, which is part of the fleet belonging to crane company Nederhoff B.V., worked on the site for roughly a day. It is designed for one-man operation and is ready to lift in around ten minutes. Further transport vehicles aren’t required. Thanks to the taxi crane concept, multiple jobs at different locations are easily possible on the same day.

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