ULMA’s CVS Carriage in the construction of Bridge in Poland

The MS-4B bridge is implemented with ULMA‘s Balanced Cantilever Formwork Carriage CVS to execute the spans crossing the Odra river in Poland. Building the second bridge in Cigacice is the last stage of the construction of the section of the S3 expressway in the Lubuskie Voivodeship, Poland.

The S3 route in Lubuskie voivodeship in Poland is now a huge construction site in many places. Now, the construction of the section from Sulechów to Nowa Sól is ongoing. As part of this investment, a new bridge on the Odra River in Cigacice is being built. This bridge is built on two sides of the river and now is almost connected. It is planned that the project will be finished by the end of 2019.

After a few years from the construction of the first deck of the MS-4AB bridge in Cigacice, the second roadway is being implemented. The subsidiary of ULMA in Poland, again provides comprehensive solutions for the construction of this bridge.

As in the case of the MS-4A bridge, the MS-4B bridge is implemented with Balanced Cantilever Formwork Carriage CVS to execute the spans crossing the Odra river. The ULMA carriages provide a high-performance solution, designed to offer significant weight-bearing capacity without any compromise in their ability to adapt to varied cross-sections. In the case of spans located above the ground, the incremental launching method was used.

For the span executed using the balanced cantilever method, the pier caps were built using the universal formwork system ENKOFORM HMK in combination with T-60 Frame Shoring Towers. Regardless of the construction method used, ENKOFORM HMK adjusted perfectly to the varied deck width along its entire length. 

To build the spans over the river, ULMA designed and provisioned four CVS 200/5 Form Carriers, which allow segments up to 300 tonnes to be poured. For this part of the MS-4B, sections measuring 4.45 m in length were completed in seven days. The form carriers are made from standard components from the universal MK Systemmaking it a simple task to adjust both the formwork and form carrier structures to the geometry of the bridge. Moreover, standardising the CVS Form Carrier with the MK System allows for substantial savings in cost. Once the project is completed, the majority of the components can be reused in a multitude of other structures as well.

In order to guarantee that work is carried out safely, the form carrier was provisioned with working platforms at every level. The platforms, designed with BRIO Modular Scaffolding components, were set on the trusses at the front of the carrier along with the suspended formwork, thus guaranteeing employee safety while working with the formwork at the back of the carrier.

Each carrier is equipped with a hydraulic system used to advance, level, and anchor it. The use of a wide range of hydraulic systems allowed for the effective and safe advance of the formwork structure.

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