SCIA launches the structural analysis and design software SCIA Engineer 18.1

SCIA Engineer 18.1 extends the functionalities presented in version 18.0 taking the multi-material design and BIM integration to a next level.

SCIA is pleased to announce the release of SCIA Engineer 18.1. This structural analysis and design software follows in footsteps of version 18 and focusses primarily on an overall efficiency and usability, multi-material design and interoperability. You will experience new improvements and extensions in many programme parts: from faster project opening, to clearer calculation reports, to wider design capabilities and a new exchange format (IFC4).

The new improvements in SCIA Engineer 18.1 include:

  • Multi-material design and floor systems

SCIA Engineer 18.1 expands the array of possibilities for economical and clearly documented design of concrete, steel and composite structures. The new version offers an accurate calculation of long-term deflections of slabs with ribs. The implementation of recommendations from SCI publications results in the capability for checking composite beams with multiple openings and a better calculation of the vibrations. Thanks to this new option, users realise an economical and time-effective design of steel-concrete floor systems.

The SIA 262:2013 module includes now the possibility to design the reinforcement in beams and columns, allowing users to design concrete structures faster and more effectively.

  • Extended information flow in BIM

While IFC 2×3 is the standard in Open BIM, the new IFC4 version of this versatile data exchange format attracts more and more attention. SCIA Engineer 18.1 can now directly import IFC4 files generated in other BIM software, broadening and streamlining the cooperation with other software. SCIA is part of the globally operating Nemetschek Group, which places open interoperability at the heart of its strategy.

  • Enhanced usability and streamlined workflows

The evaluation of the obtained results is a crucial phase in structural design. The new post-processing environment in SCIA Engineer 18.1 provides engineers with a wider range of more detailed results, allowing them to quickly review and evaluate the results of the numerical analysis. This enables users to decide more easily and faster on further design steps.

Cyril Heck, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at SCIA, says: “We have always incorporated the input of our users in developing SCIA Engineer. Our consistent and close interaction with our customers enables us to respond quickly to their needs. I’m proud that we were able to deliver the requested enhancement after the release of SCIA Engineer 18.0 for composite beam design in SCIA Engineer 18.1. The future releases will reflect the valuable feedback we receive from our users through ‘SCIA Insider’ program, our conferences, events, etc. “

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