ACCIONA Construction and partners complete substructure of Roskilde Fjord Bridge in Denmark

ACCIONA Construction, as part of a joint venture with the companies Besix and Rizzani de Eccher, has completed the substructure of Roskilde Bridge, one of the most important milestones in the construction of the concrete bridge over Roskilde Fjord between Marbaekej and Torslev Hage in Denmark.

The 1.36 km Roskilde Bridge, with a maximum clearance of 22.2 metres, will be the main structure of the future 8.2 km four-lane motorway that will connect the eastern and western shores of the fjord.

The substructure of this bridge, known as High Bridge, includes 16 piers, in addition to the two abutments. The construction of those piers and abutments has been completed.

Construction of the substructure includes on-shore and off-shore piles. Three of the 16 piers are anchored on shallow foundations, while the rest are on bored piles (4 piles per pier). The off-shore work required the construction of a temporary harbour for the maritime resources, while the on-shore piles required a temporary embankments built on both sides of Roskilde Fjord.

ACCIONA Construction and its partners are now moving forward with the superstructure works using precast segments assembled with a launching gantry, using the balanced cantilever system.

In addition to building the Roskilde Bridge, the project includes other smaller structures such as under and overpasses, some of which are already open to traffic and have been delivered to the client, the Danish Road Directorate.

The project, awarded in October 2016 to a joint venture including ACCIONA Construction, is expected to be completed in late 2019.

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