Moldtech boosts efficiency and quality in prestressed beam manufacturing

Moldtech boosts efficiency and quality in prestressed beam manufacturing

Moldtech is once again in Latvia to supply a set of lateral moulds for prestressed beams to a renowned customer.

Moldtech, specialising in advanced solutions for the construction industry, has completed the supply of a set of lateral moulds for prestressed beams to one of its important clients.

These moulds are designed and manufactured by Moldtech, offering an efficient and high-quality solution for the production of prestressed beams.

This delivery further consolidates Moldtech’s leading position in the industry, demonstrating its ability to provide innovative and customised solutions that meet the specific needs of its clients.

Our client in Latvia offers a full range of high-quality construction services and a complete assembly package of precast concrete, steel and wooden buildings in Scandinavia and Western Europe.

Side moulds for beams or girders TI/TL type are moulding elements designed to produce such beams on a universal casting bed, so that their shape defines the cross-section of the moulded beam.

The TI/TL type girder is used in buildings either where aesthetics is important or where the overall thickness of the structure needs to be reduced. We refer, therefore, to residential or commercial buildings.

An inverted T-beam side mould L=10.4m, and a straight beam side mould L=86.4m, H=1.1m are supplied. The moulds include a pneumatic vibration system to improve the finishing of the elements, as well as a heating system to optimise concrete hardener times.

For smooth operation, the equipment requires a casting bed consisting of an existing 86 m hollow-core slab base at the customer’s premises.

The company’s ability to design and manufacture state-of-the-art moulds that optimise production and guarantee quality further consolidates its position as a leader in the sector. In addition, this supply highlights the trust placed in Moldtech by its client, who has found in Moldtech a strategic ally to achieve its objectives efficiently and profitably in large-scale projects.

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