ITA Tunnelling Awards 6th edition List of finalists disclosed

The international competition launched in 2015 by International Tunnelling and Underground Association (ITA) returns in 2020 for a promising 6th edition of the ITA Tunnelling Awards. Since 5 years, the event is hosted by different Member Nations, part of the association (Switzerland, Singapore, France, China, USA) the 5 previous editions of the event gathered more than 1200 attendees and 403 entries. In 2020, for the first time the event has been moved to an online edition, due to Covid19 restrictions and health issues.

Several novelties must be highlighted for this year : although this unprecedented context, the ITA Tunnelling Awards is still evolving and tends to fully assert global trends of the underground industry.

Categories shrinked from 9 to 8 and their content was also modified, « Overcoming the Challenges » ; « Oddities of the Underground » and « Innovative and Contributing Underground » are new categories which will reward one winner.


Major Project of the Year (over €500M)

  • John Holland CPB Ghella Joint Venture Tunnelling and Station Excavation Works for the Sydney Metro City & Southwest Project – Australia
  • Ryfast – Construction of the world’s longest sub-sea road tunnel – Norway
  • Jinjiazhuang Spiral tunnel project of Yanqing to Chongli expressway – China

Project of the Year (between €50M and €500M)

• Chinatown Station of the Central Subway Program – USA

• Uma Oya Multipurpose Development Project – Sri Lanka

• Large scale underpass using multiple construction methods at Banxuegang hightech-city – Shenzhen, China

• Micangshan Tunnel on G85 Expressway – China

Project of the Year incl. Renovation (up to €50M)

• Lower Otta Hydropower Project – Norway

• FEDRO’s Tunnel Renovation Method – renovation of a non-reinforced primary lining using night shifts while keeping all traffic lanes open during the day – Switzerland

• Züblin – Nord Stream 2 Trenchless Shore Crossing (Micro Tunnel) – Germany

• The Integration of Subway Station Construction and Ecological Environment Protection in Complex Environment – China

Technical Innovation of the year

• An Innovative Automated Geological Forward-prospecting Technique Mounted on Hard-rock TBM – China

• Innovative digital condition assessment of Brunel brick tunnels – United Kingdom

• An Innovative GB-InSAR System for Real-time Tunnel Face Safety Monitoring – Italy

• Laser-guided system for conventional tunnelling – Spain

Overcoming the challenge

• Chengdu-Guiyang High-speed Railway—Yujingshan Mountain Tunnel Crossing Giant Karst Cave and Underground River – China

• 89.3°C Ultra-high Ground Temperature Treatment for Sangzhuling Tunnel in Nyingchi-Lhasa Section of Sichuan-Tibet Railway – China

• High performance EPB excavation in mixed face and variable ground with up to 7 bar groundwater pressure – Mexico

Oddities of the underground

• The Spiral Tunnel (Drammen) – Norway

• Tunnelling in the service of archaeology – Israël

Innovative and Contributing Underground Spaces

• Union Square/Market Street Station – Battered Drilled Shafts as Permanent Ground Support – USA

• Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Padur – India

• Shenzhen Chegongmiao Integrated Traffic Hub Project – China

Young Tunneller of the year

• Josh Barry – Australia

• Laurence Delplace – Belgium

• Dimitrios Litsas – Greece

• Sandeep Singh Nirmal – India

• Qingfang Liu – China

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