Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: PROJECT DELIVERY

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: PROJECT DELIVERY

Bentley Systems announced the finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards in the category of Project Delivery for going digital advancements in infrastructure:


Gaining New Perspective through ProjectWise Project Insights

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Project Playbook: AECOsim Building Designer, Bentley Map, MicroStation, Navigator, OpenRail, OpenRail ConceptStation, OpenRoads, OpenRoads ConceptStation, Power Rail Overhead Line, Power Rail Track, ProjectWise

Starting in the fall of 2017, AECOM began working closely with Bentley Systems to develop a new way of visualizing project performance by unlocking more value from the data-rich ProjectWise Connected Data Environment. The digital project delivery team realized that, by leveraging available ProjectWise metadata, it would be possible to improve project performance and automation, and reduce cost and carbon emissions, following construction industry trends.

Working closely with Bentley Systems, AECOM provided feedback from project usage that guided the strategic direction for development of ProjectWise Project Insights. This application mines the rich seams of data inherent in every ProjectWise project and automates the delivery of dynamic visualizations into project performance. ProjectWise Project Insights enables project teams to identify trends, seek refinements to information management processes, and enable major efficiencies in project delivery. This digital advancement solution delivers new perspectives and a deeper understanding of project performance by unlocking new value from the ProjectWise Connected Data Environment, presenting clear, up-to-date and actionable visualizations of project performance.

  • Arup

Arup Australasia Project Systems Team

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Project Playbook: AECOsim Building Designer, AssetWise, Descartes, MicroStation, Navigator, OpenRail, OpenRoads, Power Rail Track, ProjectWise

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: PROJECT DELIVERY

For over 10 years, Arup has used ProjectWise to accommodate its many software platforms and 3,200 staff members, 2,000 internal and 1,200 external. In that last two years, Arup Australasia has seen a 40 percent increase in ProjectWise projects. The system now holds over 900 projects and more than 10 million documents. Arup needed to administer and customize its vast and complex system, forming the Australasian Project Systems team. This team would help provide an integrated connected data environment to support the entire project team, ensuring that best practices are adopted and maintained to reduce potential errors and ensure data reuse.

Arup’s Australasian Project System uses a large selection of Bentley applications to assist with engineering challenges. ProjectWise helped tailor environments, views, folder structures, renditions, workflows, and access control for client or specific project standards. ProjectWise’s system allows the team to digitally review documents and models within the connected data environment. The application also automates the sharing and publishing of models and exchange outputs, saving 15 hours per week across multiple projects. The system also reduced the time needed to publish and enter metadata for 100 drawings from five hours to 20 minutes.

  • Dragados SA & Transport for London

Bank Station Capacity Upgrade

London, United Kingdom

Project Playbook: AECOsim Building Designer, Descartes, Navigator, ProjectWise

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: PROJECT DELIVERY

To increase capacity at peak transportation hours, the London Underground initiated the Bank Station Capacity Upgrade project. Bank Station, located in the heart of London, is one of the most complex subterranean railway stations in the United Kingdom and is used by more than 52 million passengers annually. Dragados SA and Transport for London was tasked with adding a new passenger entrance with lift and escalator connections, passenger concourse, train and platform tunnel, and passenger connections with triple escalators. These upgrades are expected to be completed in May 2022 and will increase capacity by 45 percent at peak hours.

Dragados SA and Transport for London used AECOsim Building Designer to produce 2D and 3D models and drawings of the project design, including tunnels that required creating complex shapes to define their geometries. Using ProjectWise as the connected data environment, 425 users from more than 30 different companies could easily access documents, with about 120 concurrent users in the application during peak design times. The system hosts approximately 1,800 3D models and almost 4,800 drawings that were produced during the design and construction phases. ProjectWise consumed five times less staff resources while managing the same number of files. The application also helped design submissions obtain first-time client approval in 95 percent of packages, with only three out of the 57 packages rejected.

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