Genie® strengthens its presence in West Africa with ICOM

Genie® strengthens its presence in West Africa with ICOM

ICOM (International Company of Multiservices) based in Algeciras, Spain, and managed by Mr. José Antonio Moreno, specialises, among other activities, in the sale of lifting and aerial access equipment. Reputed for its professionalism in the follow-up of its equipment sales and the quality of the service it provides, ICOM prides itself in ensuring that machines are available to end-user customers rapidly.

Based on research, the African continent, and in particular West Africa, offers multiple opportunities for development. Such is the case for a number of industries, among which the construction and lifting equipment sectors, where the aerial access market is evolving and has gained in maturity.

For example, there is a notable demand for new or recent machines that feature the latest innovations and that meet today’s various international quality and safety standards to help improve the safety of teams on the jobsite. This is true for both the demands expressed by governments in calls for tender for public contracts, and the expectations of international customers that are active on the continent.

This is why Genie has chosen a new, quality partner to distribute and service its full range of Genie® telescopic and articulating boom lifts, scissor lifts, telehandlers, vertical mast lifts, push around
material and Aerial Work Platforms in Senegal, Mauritania, the Republic of Guinea, the Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo and Equatorial Guinea. ICOM has been an Authorised Genie Distributor and Service Provider in these seven countries since January 1st, 2021.

For many years, ICOM has been a partner of Eurogrues Afrique, a Moroccan-based company and market leader in the rental of lifting equipment and aerial work platforms. Based on this experience, ICOM has increased its level of expertise in aerial work platforms and personnel lifts over the years.

As a result, when Eurogrues learned that Genie was looking for a trusted partner in West Africa, it did not hesitate to underline the qualities and immediate advantages that ICOM could provide: tangible resources and skills in the areas of sales, languages and different African cultures. With this also comes its experience and knowledge of the market ranging from modes of transport and customer typology to country-specific regulations. For end-user customers, this all adds up to a “one-stop-shop” in terms of expertise, equipment quality, service, training and the spare parts availability that they rely on.

In addition, ICOM brings a real plus in terms of technical services as it has a team of trained technicians who are very experienced in the Genie product range. This is a significant advantage for end-users of Genie equipment in this region, 80% of which are oil, mining (gold, coal, natural gas, uranium) and shipping terminal companies. These companies expect a distributor to combine quality products, availability, professionalism and safety with a world-class level of service, backed by a good understanding of the region’s economic challenges and the high level of responsiveness that these challenges demand. On all these points, ICOM ticked the right boxes.

Genie and ICOM (International Company of Multiservices) are proud of this new partnership, which is a step towards extending their joint presence and efficiency on the African continent for the benefit of all those who place their trust in them today.

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