Bentley Systems announced the finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards in the category of Power Generation for going digital advancements in infrastructure:


Hanhikivi 1 Nuclear Power Plant

Northern Ostrobothnia Region, Finland

Project Playbook: AECOsim Building Designer, MicroStation, ProjectWise, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, STAAD

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: POWER GENERATION

This EUR 6.5 billion nuclear power plant will be built on the Hanhikivi Peninsula, with 23 buildings constructed on the nuclear island and 25 buildings erected on the turbine island. The project also includes 131 auxiliary buildings and structures. The challenge for JSC ATOMPROEKT is developing a complex engineering design within a densely-packed layout. Over the course of the project, the design team will model more than 33,000 units of equipment, 350 kilometers of pipeline, and more than 77 kilometers of air ducts. JSC ATOMPROEKT used a BIM methodology to manage the scope of work and successfully complete the project.

To meet the client’s requirements to access and manage the information in a shared data environment, JSC ATOMPROEKT implemented BIM Level 3 that integrated processes and data, web services, and an IFC data format. ProjectWise provided the single design environment for construction management and the project team used Bentley iModel Composition Service to upload the most recent design into the model. AECOsim Building Designer was used to design the architectural portions of the project including 100 buildings and structures. The application also performed calculations to limit the environmental impact on the island’s aquatic life. Using Bentley software improved design quality by 70 percent and accelerated the implementation of architectural and construction works by 20 percent, which reduced 14,000 resource hours.

  • Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. of China Power Engineering Consulting Group

Huaneng Ningxia Dam Power Plant Stage Ⅳ project

Qingtongxia, Ningxia Hui autonomous region, China

Project Playbook: AECOsim Building Designer, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, Bentley Substation, ContextCapture, LumenRT, MicroStation, Navigator, OpenPlant, OpenRoads, Promis.e, ProStructures, STAAD

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: POWER GENERATION

The Ningdong-Zhejiang ±800-kilovolt power transmission project will guarantee supply to the western and northern regions of China. Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. of China Power Engineering Consulting Group was contracted to build the Huaneng Ningxia Dam Power Plant Stage IV Project. The power plant features two 660-megawatt coal firing intercooling units and flue gas sulfurization and denitrification facilities to support the main transmission project. Scheduled for completion and operation in 2018, the plant will act as the main power support point for Qingtongxia City. The power the plant generates is sent to the Zhejiang Load Center and consumed by the Ningdong-Zhejiang extra-high voltage transmission project.

To successfully complete the project, Northwest Electric Power Design Institute and Bentley cooperated on an eight-year research and development project to complete a collaborative design and data management solution. OpenPlant and Bentley Substation greatly improved collaboration among the design team and played a critical role in transferring data throughout the project. The process greatly increased design accuracy and efficiency of the electrical design and prepared data for the digital engineering of the overall lifecycle. The applications helped reduce design modifications by 70 percent and resource hours by 40 percent.

  • Sacyr Somague

Hydroelectric Use of the Foz Tua Dam

Foz Tua, Alijó- Vila Real, Portugal

Project Playbook: LumenRT, MicroStation, OpenRoads

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: POWER GENERATION

The Foz Tua hydroelectric plant is situated on the Tua River in a deep valley with dense vegetation in a hard-to-reach region of Portugal. Energies de Portugal (EDP) contracted Sacyr Somague to install platforms and equipment to manufacture the large amount of concrete it needed to build the plant on-site. The EUR 260 million project features a double-curved arch dam with a maximum height of 108 meters with a crest of 275 meters in length. The hydraulic system consists of two underground tunnels with an approximate length of 700 meters and a variable diameter that ranges from 5.5 meters to 7.5 meters. The length of the bypass tunnel is approximately 335 meters. Accessing the remote site and coordinating the work of the 5,500-member project team were the main project challenges.

Given the project’s breadth and complexity, Sacyr Somague implemented a BIM methodology to manage the project and share information among the multi-discipline team. Coordinating the project using a 3D model mitigated risks and improved productivity. The project team used the model to prefabricate the auxiliary structures to decrease waste. Sacyr Somague defined an accurate geometric model of the site using MicroStation and OpenRoads and coordinated the dam drawing in MicroStation. Bentley’s precision technology enabled Sacyr Somague to prefabricate some of the elements, including formwork to build a tunnel. The model served to plan the number, size, and weight of the parts that were dismantled and transported to the site on narrow, temporary roads. Bentley software detected problems early in the process, which were communicated to the client. Project collaboration improved productivity, lowering costs and keeping the project on schedule.

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